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Redferns is a leading North West London firm. We are divided into departments so that we can specialise in our niche areas of expertise. We will give you a first class service with clear advice, good communication and regular updates.

We cover:

Buying, Selling and Re-mortgaging residential properties
When you're moving home, your lawyer's role is crucial. You need someone who will return your calls, keep you up to date and give you practical legal advice. To ensure that you receive this service we appoint a named lawyer who will guide you through the home moving process. This means that there will always be someone available who knows the specific details of your sale or purchase. They will keep you informed of progress throughout, providing an efficient service, tailored to your specific needs.

We also handle mortgages and remortgages.

We have specialised for some years in shared ownership work - sales, purchases and staircasing.

Probate and Administration of Estates
When a person dies it is often necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation (called Probate) if a Will is involved or Letters of Administration if there is no Will so that the deceased's Estate can be dealt with. Such an Estate can involve the payment of inheritance tax, transfer of assets or sales or disposal of assets and payment of the Deceased's liabilities.

We have a wealth of experience in this work and can help you.

We can also help you avoid some of the pitfalls of Estate work by, for example taking the stress of dealing with an Estate from loved ones most affected by the death. This in itself can ensure compliance with the Revenue and Customs rules by avoiding delay.

Wills and Management of Personal Affairs

By making a Will you decide who you want to benefit from your Estate, who you want to have no part in your Estate, and who you want to administer it. Making a Will also allows you to give consideration to possible inheritance tax consequences for your Estate and allows us an opportunity to advise you on what options may be available to reduce or extinguish that liability.

Management of Personal Affairs
Sometimes through illness and/or incapacity or absence from the country, it is necessary for someone else to manage your affairs. The Attorney you appoint will be able to deal with your assets and income and make decisions about your day to day care.

Sometimes, where a person does not have the capacity to make their own appointment (and there is no Power of Attorney already in place) than any person willing to take on your affairs can make an application to the Court of Protection to become your Deputy. We can assist you to plan your affairs and assist all matters in this regard to include:

Preparation of General/Specific Powers of Attorney.
Registration of existing Enduring Powers of Attorney.
Preparation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney.
Court of Protection applications to include that of another person to be your Deputy.

We can work on a fixed fee basis or hourly rates and will be pleased to discuss your options. 

Landlord and Tenant
Our Partner Stephen Simmons is an accredited member of ALEP (the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners). Redferns is one of the few local expert firms handling lease extensions, collective enfranchisement, Right to Manage and Service Charge Disputes. We also deal with other landlord and tenant issues and act for both landlords and tenants.

At Redferns we can advise landlords who have problems with their tenants. We are one of the few firms of Solicitors in the area who deal with residential possession proceedings. Possession of your property can only be obtained either with the tenant's consent or by way of a court order. Any other method of obtaining possession would be unlawful.

We can deal with those court proceedings. Most tenancies are assured shorthold tenancies although we are able to advise and act for landlords in respect of other types of tenancies.

Professional Negligence
Sometimes things go wrong with professionals that you have entrusted with your work whether they be Architects, Accountants or Solicitors. We are here to help. We have an extensive track record of successful claims for professional negligence i.e. where mistakes have cost clients loss. We aim to resolve such problems quickly and target early correspondence with the indemnity insurers to the culpable professional(s).

We can tailor funding to suit your needs which includes no win no fee work.

Personal Injury
If you have been injured and/or suffered loss as a consequence of a road traffic accident, an accident at work then we can help. From an injury involving a child through all sections of society up to and including somebody in care, we can assist. We tailor fund such work to suit you whether that be by way of a no win no fee engagement or otherwise.

Our personal injury team has wide experience ranging from complicated and substantial cases through to minor injury claims and we are always happy to help.

Clinical Negligence
Blunders by a Doctor, a Chemist or a Hospital can have draconian effects and lead to death, brain injury or a plethora of other complications whether minor or major.

We can assist in getting the affected person's well-being and finances back to where they should be. We have a wide experience of claims against NHS Trusts ranging from multi million pound awards to much smaller sums.

We can assist further by tailoring costs to suit your needs whether or not you are bringing a claim personally or on behalf of another. This does include no win no fee work.

Civil Litigation and Disputes
Our Philosophy is to avoid going to Court if at all possible. So our approach is to settle civil disputes quickly and in a negotiated fashion in our client's best interests, but where proceedings (litigation) are necessary we act swiftly and in a focused fashion. We have a wide range of experience in civil litigation to include County Court and High Court work and we can tailor fees in the manner most cost effective to our clients. This does include no win no fee engagements where appropriate.

Examples of Civil Disputes in which we have extensive experience include:
  • Claims against Deceaseds' Estates.
  • County Court Judgements.
  • Mortgage Arrears.
  • Contract disputes.
  • Neighbour and Property Disputes.
  • Debts

Commercial Property
Whether you are an established trading entity looking to expand, or a new venture looking to enter into business for the first time, we have a range of expertise that can assist. With the emphasis on commercial property, the following are part of the broad spectrum of advice that Redferns offer to commercial clients:

  • The drafting and negotiation of Commercial Leases and other tenancies
  • The sale and purchase of existing businesses and commercial premises
  • The Law governing the relationship between Landlord & Tenant
  • Protected Business Tenancies, Renewal, Termination and the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954
  • The sale and purchase of investment property
  • Development sites

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